1ST International Workshop of the Institute of Erosion Studies, Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO)

THEME: Effective Water Management for Environmental Hazardcontrol/Mitigation in                        Nigeria

VENUE: Hall of Excellence, FUTO

DATE: Monday 8th – Wednesday 10th February, 2016

TIME: 10 am Each Day

Exhibition: From 8th – 10th February, 2016

CHIEF HOST: Prof. Chigozie C. Asiabaka (Vice Chancellor, FUTO, Nigeria)

HOST: Prof. C. A. Ahiarakwem (Director, Institute of Erosion Studies IES, FUTO)


Owelle Rochas Okorocha, OON

Executive Governor, Imo State


  • Integrated Watershed Development Planning
  • Watershed Characterization
  • Efficient Watershed Management: Strategy of Erosion and Flood Problem in Nigeria
  • Drainage Basin Morphometry as Indices for Environmental Hazard Prediction
  • Rainfall/Flood Prediction, Challenges and Benefits Geo-hazards Monitoring in Nigeria
  • Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Gully Erosion: Causes, Effects and Remediation
  • The Impact of Erosion and Flooding on Food Security
  • Environmental Health Hazards
  • Health Hazards Associated with Flooding
  • Institutionalising a Proactive Approach Towards Flood/Erosion Disaster Management
  • The Application of Hydrological Data in Erosion and Flood Mitigation
  • Socio-Economic Impacts of Flood and Erosion
  • Proper Land Use Management as an Antidote for Flood and Erosion Control/Mitigation
  • Mitigation of Flood Menace Through Proper Dam Design, Construction and Management
  • Engineering Considerations in the Construction of Drainage System for Flood Control
  • Management of Erosion and Flood Menace in Africa: Challenges and Remedies
  • Water Treatment Techniques
  • Proper Land Use Management as an Antidote for Flood and Erosion Control/Mitigation



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