These books listed below are available in FUTO Library.

1 Agarwal Zoology for degree students 2011
2 Agarwal, D.C. Engineering mathematics Vol. 1-111 2010
3 Agarwal Principles of electrical machine design 2010
4 Agarwal, D.C. Discrete structure 2010
5 Ahuja Managerial economics 2011
6 Ahuja Modern economics 2010
7 Anthony, R. Accounting 2011
8 Amstrong Armstron’s handbook of human resources management practice 2009
9 Arora, R. Refrigerator and air conditioning 2010
10 Bahatta, C. Project in electrical, electronics, instrumentation and computer engineering 2009
11 Baran, S.J. Introduction to mass communication 2012
12 Belch Advertising and promotion 2012
13 Berman Fundamentals of nursing 2012
14 Bhalla Investment management: security analysis and portfolio management 2011
15 Bhatta, C.B. An introduction to classical mechanics 2012
16 Bhatta, C.B. Logistics management (Definition application) 2011
17 Bhimani Management  and cost accounting 2011
18 Biochor Cost management (A strategic emphasis) 2010
19 Bodie Investment and portfolio management 2011
20 Bordens, K.S. Research design and methods 2011
21 Carlson,D.H. Physical geology: earth revealed 2011
22 Cateora International marketing 2010
23 Cengel, Y.A. Fluid mechanics- fundamentals and applications 2010
24 Chakra, B. Theory and experiment on thermal physics 2011
25 Chand, S. A textbook of engineering mechanics 2011
26 Chand, S. Objective electrical technology 2010
27 Chandra, P. Projects: planning analysis selection, financial, implementation and review 2011
28 Chandra, P. Investment analysis and portfolio 2011
29 choudhury Encyclopedia of finance (New perspective on profit sharing) 2011
30 Churmi Strength of materials 2012

About FUTOLibrary

This is the site which is used to showcase the resources, operations and services of the University Library of the premier university of Technology in Nigeria. We have so much indigenous resources which people may wish to look at and use .
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