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37 Jain, R.K. Industrial Safety, Health and Environmental Management Systems 2011
38 Jain, N. Fundamentals of Biochemistry 2012
39 Jain, R.K. Production, Technology Manufacturing Process, Technology 2010
40 Jain, V.K. Fundamentals of Plates Physiology 2012
41 Jhingan, M.C. Advances Economic Theory 2010
42 Jhingan, M.C. Macro Economic Theory 2010
43 Jhingan, M.L. International Economics 2010
44 Jhingan, M.L. Monetary Economics 2009
45 Jhingan, M.L. Money, Banking, International Trade and Public Finance 2011
46 Jhingan, M.L. Principles of Economics 2010
47 Joshi, R.M. International Marketing 2010
48 Kadiyall, L.R. Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning 2011
49 Khurmi, R.S. Theory of Machines 2012
50 Khurmi, R.S. Theory of Structures 2012
51 Khurana, A.K. Comprehensive Ophthalmology 2011
52 Khurmi, R.S. Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials 2011
53 Khurmi, R.S. A Textbook of Machine Design 2011
54 Khurmi, R.S. A Textbook of Workshop Technology 2010
55 Kumar Environmental Pollution and Health Hazards 2009

About FUTOLibrary

This is the site which is used to showcase the resources, operations and services of the University Library of the premier university of Technology in Nigeria. We have so much indigenous resources which people may wish to look at and use .
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